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Examine the ways in which Shakespeare presents the changed character of Othello Essays

Examine the ways in which Shakespeare presents the changed character of Othello Essays Examine the ways in which Shakespeare presents the changed character of Othello Essay Examine the ways in which Shakespeare presents the changed character of Othello Essay To be capable to note a change in the character of Othello we must look at his initial behaviour and how Shakespeare presents his personality. A Shakespearean tragedy consists of a heros life and their downfall, which will ultimately lead to their death. For a character to become a hero he must be respected and noble, to do this Shakespeare creates scenes to raise Othellos status. We expect to have a great deal of respect for the protagonist. In another of Shakespeares Tragedies Macbeth, the protagonists status is raised similarly as they are both powerful generals whose success in battle make them respected by the audience because of their service to their country. This is shown in the first acts of both plays for example, King Duncan exclaims, For brave Macbeth- well he deserves that name and Othello is refeared to as valiant moor by the Duke. The fact that both of the protagonists are respected by people of a high status in the opening scenes is to create standards which the audience will expect to see throughout the remainder of the play. It is significant that both Macbeth and Othello are soldiers because their pasts are referred to throughout both plays and have shaped who they are, which also contributes to their downfall. Othellos status has been raised because in Act 1Scene 3 the duke is informed to send for his trusty and most valiant servitor, which is Othello. Moreover, the admiration we feel for Othello is created by that of his own behaviour alongside the behaviour of others towards him. Othello does not retaliate to Brabantios threats and says were it my cue to fight, I should have known it. Othellos calm reaction, although he is a solider, who obviously can fight well, shows that he is an honourable and noble character. Similarly Othellos status is also raised by the love he feels for Desdemona and how noble, he speaks of her: I do love thee gentle Desdemona, which shows that he is capable of loving to such an extent and doing a job with all my heart that he is an honourable character. The language Othello uses before his demise is romantic and poetic; These nine moons wasted. He mainly speaks in blank verse which is commonly used in Tragedy for high status characters, or low status characters when saying something of significance or morality. Shakespeare illustrates a change in Othellos character in Act 4 Scene 1 by altering his language. He now speaks in prose, for example, what then? This compared to his previous idiolect suggests to the audience that his character is weakened both mentally and morally and no longer deserves respect as a high status character. During the opening scene of Act 4, Othello asks a lot of questions. This is unusual because Othello previously control and dominance oozed from his speeches. Lie with her? Lie on her? We say lie on her when they belie her. Lie with her! Handkerchief- confessions handkerchief! Ist possible? confess? Handkerchief? O devil! Here Othello speaks confusedly and distractedly. He is clearly not in control of his senses. This change in language and behaviour brings attention to Othellos altered character. The large number of interrogative sentences shows Othellos weakness and confusion whereas the number of exclamative sentences shows Othellos raw emotion and distress. In previous situations when we have expected Othello to be distressed e. g. the confrontation with Brabantio explored above, he has acted calmly and rationally. Now he focuses on the words lie which could say that he is merely interested in the sexual acts at the supposed affair, rather than the lost love of his wife. The Othello we saw at the beginning of the play suggests he would be more concerned with the love my soul hath her content so absolute. find where from However, it could be argued that Othello has always been a lustful creature with Desdemona because in act 1 Othello has just got out of the confrontation with Brabantios and has been told about a battle he must take part in, yet all he wants to do is consummate his marriage. I have but an hour of love to spend with thee. Terry Eagleton, in Nothing (1986) states that Othello is not a play about sexual deviancy, but about the deviancy of sex. This deviancy he speaks of could be represented as the shown by the previous quotations, and combined with the exhilarating elopement, the rapidity to his acceptance of the affair and the way he decides to kill her. It leads me to believe his actions are lust fuelled. I believe, lovers can forgive and love would not lead to murder, only the emotional passion caused by lust could lead a character to act so recklessly. Lust or love, his feelings towards Desdemona are strong and this leads the way for Othellos jealousy. A. C Bradley says, Iago does not bring these warnings to a husband who had lived with a wife for months or years. I believe this suggests Iago knew of Othellos lustful feelings towards Desdemona and played on the elopement, when they must not have known each other long, and used it as a weakness. Furthermore, husband who had lived with a wife for months or years would have known better and would not have been so easy to believe lies because there would have been love built within these years which I believe Othello and Desdemona lack. A. C Bradley says, He [Othello] is quite free from introspection, and is not given to reflection. Emotion excites his imagination, but it confuses and dulls his intellect. I agree with this because his emotions have begun to affect his mind. He now considers confrontations and bloodshed where previously he was calm and rational. It can also be said that Othellos constant need for evidence of Desdemonas unfaithfulness suggest that his rationality is attempting to break through his emotional state. However, this need for evidence fades away towards his demise. This could back up Bradleys view, which is that his emotion only dulls his intellect but does not remove it completely. Othello goes from demanding evidence and not believing without it, to barely mentioning or thinking rationally how shall I kill her Iago. The fact his is planning how to kill Desdemona suggests his intellect only dulls rather than removed completely. Othello, when asking Amelia for her opinion on Desdemonas loyalty, does not listen to reason, which contradicts his previous rationality and shows a change in character. Othello, at one of his most noble points in the play, said, And passion, having my best judgment coiled assays to lead the way. This shows an immense amount of self control which makes it more shocking when he falls into a trance. However, this possibly hints that Othello is aware that he is labile to be manipulated. Or could just be dramatic irony because he is oblivious to the fact that Iago at that moment is trying to coil his best judgment. Furthermore, Othellos falling into a trance or epilepsy now pairs his new found weakness in character with his physical appearance. It shows although he is emotionally affected, he is now physically affected by Iagos manipulations. Looking back to his previously disciplined, self controlled character it is shocking and unexpected and this trance marks a point of change in character for Othello. When Iago says breaks out to savage madness this is acting as a marker-point to show that when he breaks out he will be plagued with madness like a savage. Also it could be a device used for foreboding the more extreme change in character which is yet to come. Othellos use of most bloody 90 foreshadows the physical violence to come later in the play. In act 4 scene 1 Othello withdraws and listens to a conversation between Iago and Cassio. The fact that Othello is ease-dropping shows a decline in moral standards. On waking from his fit, Othellos ease-drops under the suggestion of Iago. will you withdraw? the word will creates an illusion of Othello doing Iago a favour, yet Othello is following Iagos plans. We expect Iago to be doing things for Othello because Othello is general and Iago works for him, this role reversal shows the power that Iago has over Othello and how Othellos character has changed from strong, to easily manipulated. We begin to feel sympathy for Othello because we have witnessed Iagos manipulation Both Macbeth and Othello have the tragic flaws, pride and vanity, in these two tragedies an antagonist will capitalize on the vulnerabilities of both Othello and Macbeth. Lady Macbeth suggests that hes lost his courage by asking if he wants to live like a coward and Iago taunts Othello with good sir, be a man. I partly believe the change in character seen in Othello Act 4just the negative qualities of his character allowed to surface from the emotional strain of Iagos manipulations. Traditionally Shakespearean tragedies have 5 Acts, the 5th act is expected to be the death of the protagonist and therefore dramatic. Othellos change in personality is visible here through his soliloquy. Othello again speaks in verse, this could be because of the way he is speaking, showing love towards Desdemona and using powerful philosophical imagery when I have plucked thy rose, I cannot give it vital life again. Moreover, it could be seen that he is only speaking in verse because he has something of substance to say. Either way Othello regains some status and idiolect. Meanwhile, he is separating himself from this deed his is doing, creating an almost split personality by referring to himself in the third person and as a dog. The circumcised dog, and smote him thus. This could to draw attention to the previous valiant moor and show a clear change in character. During his soliloquy, Othello constantly repeats tis the cause which shows he is thinking somewhat rationally and this could suggest his previous character is breaking through, also he can never bring himself to name this cause. Ronald Draper, in Unholy alliance: Othello and Iago (1991), argues that the Iago world of cynicism and sexual depravity has now become the world Othellos imagination inhabits. I believe this is shown by the vulgar and crude language he uses towards women nearer the end of the play. By calling Desdemona a callet and Amelia a bawd he is almost mimicking Iagos crude mannerisms. Also these women have no reason to be called these names so it is in Othellos imagination. This shows the dramatic change in Othellos character because in the beginning he and Iago were opposites, and now they have become so similar that Othello lives in Iagos mind frame. The ultimate demise in character for a hero is to become the villain.

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Identify Teams Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Identify Teams - Essay Example The organization of the teams and other defining aspects will be tackled in this paper. This team is based in Indianapolis in the Indiana state. The team focuses on ensuring that people in its community have access to outstanding paint products and services. Unlike other teams in this field, these painters intend to provide services that are outstanding and diverse. This team is comprised of 26 individuals with the president being the team leader. Members of the team are experts in painting, construction and are sourced from the society. The 26 members have related as well as diverse competencies in terms of career. The executive of the team is responsible for primary decision making with decisions being passed down to other members (Robinson & Green, 2011). This is an established leadership team with an affiliation of Denver painting Company. The team is responsible for ensuring that clients in its community which is Colorado have the access to commercial, residential and industrial painting staining services. The team works closely with a real estate agents, homeowners, property and facility managers, architects and general contractors. The goals of the team surround the provision of remarkable printing services, especially those designed by Denver painter. The leadership team consists of three individuals with Scott Bergman being the founder and the team leader of the group. The other member are, a senior estimator and project manager named John Ramirez and Ryan Wunderlich in the same profession of John (Robinson & Green, 2011). The three individuals forming the members of the organization were sourced from the society. Painting contractor USA comprises of several teams whose purpose is to ensure that ranges and firms within the entire nation have access to agricultural painting. One of the painting teams of this organization proves to be an outstanding contributor in the community through agricultural painting. The team consists of about

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Commercial Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Commercial Law - Essay Example Consequently, it is not impossible, theoretically, for a bank to have a charge over the cash deposited by one of its customers and which functions as the security with regard to a loan provided to the customer. This effectively discounted the Court of Appeal’s conceptual impossibility contention that had been supported by it (McCormack, 2002, p. 7). Such reciprocity in indebtedness is common to several commercial transactions and this decision by the House of Lords has provided immense relief to the commercial community. This is due to its capacity to do away with ambiguity and promoting transactions that are of immense benefit. The fact that there are legally valid and effective alternate transactions does not reduce the importance of the aforementioned category of transactions (Re Bank of Credit and Commerce International S.A. (No. 8), 1998). These alternatives cover the contractual rights of set off and rendering the deposit a flawed asset, which the third party in the position of the depositor or depositor cannot withdraw. The court ruled with great insight that the device of a charge back ensured powerful protection to a bank. This was by means of the flawed asset techniques and the contractual set off, and not due to the charge over the asset (Re Bank of Credit and Commerce International S.A.... 187). Commercial transactions are always exposed to the risk of insolvency or default. This is mitigated by employing credit derivatives, which create exposure to or hedge the credit risk inherent in debt instruments, like bonds and loans. There is nothing novel about this function, which had been undertaken by debt syndication, cash securitisations, and loan participations. These initiatives had been utilised to control the credit risk of debt instruments. Such credit risk had been managed by the practice of sell – down of the investor of lender’s risk in the debt instrument (Ali, 2004, p. 326). All the same there is a crucial difference between the previous credit risk management strategies and credit derivatives. The latter separate the credit risk of a debt instrument from itself and this risk is transferred to a third party. In addition, the debt instrument is retained or disposed of to another party. This renders credit derivatives, tools of credit risk management that have much greater precision. Lenders and investors are protected against credit risk, due to credit derivatives; and the economic benefit of the debt instrument is not transferred (Ali, 2004, p. 326). Moreover, insurance and reinsurance companies, banks, bond insurers and hedge funds are the chief sellers of credit protection. Credit risk protection is provided by these financial institutions, first, by the sale of protection under credit default swaps to investors or lenders. Second, by the making investment of funds in securities issued under a programme of synthetic securitisation (Ali, 2004, p. 326). Companies of Scotland were not permitted to create a floating charge with regard to the whole or part of their undertakings and

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Sad - Online Grading System Essay Example for Free

Sad Online Grading System Essay Currently these are the problems that usually occurs in distributing the students’ report cards. What is the extent of the problems faced by the student in terms of the following? a) Accessibility of the student’s grades. b) Accuracy of the student’s grades given by their teachers. c) Disputes or discrepancies of the students with their grades. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY In order to provide excellent distribution of student’s grades, Trinity Christian School needs to develop an online grading system with an easy to use interface for teachers, and also the students to see their grades. a) To be able to create a system that allows the students all-access to their grades at any given point of time and date. b) To provide a system that updates the data of the grades in real time if not then on a specific time. c) To create a system that notifies the teacher that his/her students has problems/disputes to their grades. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The following below are the users that would benefit greatly on the system: To the Students Students would benefit in using the Online Grading System for involving themselves to partake justifying their grades. Students can also use this system to access or view their grades if ever they took an early vacation and aren’t able to get their report cards. And most importantly is that the student will enhance their sense of responsibility. To the Teachers Teachers will benefit this system in regards to lessening the time distributing report cards to parents/ guardians. To the Parents/Guardians There are some cases that a student would lie about their grades and won’t show the report cards to their parents, this system  will make that situation impossible since the parents or the guardians will have access to the student’s grades and they would know if the student is lying or not. To the Researchers That the researchers would be able to create a fully functional system that would implement the lessons and theories that the researchers have learned. It would give the researchers an idea on how the information technology professionals do their works. To the Future Researchers That this Feasibility study would serve as guidelines. And give an idea to the future researchers in what are the basic needs of an online grading system. DEFINITION OF TERMS Terms here are conceptually and operationally defined for better understanding. Administrator a person who manages a computer system.  Information Technology It defines an industry that uses computers, networking, software programming, and other equipment and processes to store, process, retrieve, transmit, and protect information. Internet a vast computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide. The Internet includes commercial, educational, governmental, and other networks, all of which use the same set of communications protocols. LAN local area network (LAN) consists of two or more computers connected together in a building or home using software and hardware. A LAN is contrasted to a wide area network (WAN) such as the Internet, which covers a large geographic area. Network Is a collection of computers and devices interconnected by communications channels that facilitate communications among users and allows users to share resources. Online connected to, served by, or available through a system and especially a computer or telecommunications system. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS Trinity Christian School is one of the outstanding private schools in Bacolod City which is located at Villa Angela Subdivision, Phase 3, Bacolod City,  Philippines, 6100. They create, teach and provide high education standards that caters to the needs of their students, and also engraves the spirit of Christianity to their students, faculty and staff. Trinity Christian Schools offers a continuum of learning from nursery up to high school. Trinity Christian School believes in the importance of building a strong foundation in the learning experience of the student, and in building the values of self-discipline, diligence, and respect for self and others along with the students intellectual development. The study is only implemented for Trinity Christian School and can be networked through the internet by the administrator. The researchers are not liable to the changes of the grades made by the teacher.

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Tsunami :: essays research papers

I think that every author has a purpose and reason behind there writing. Most of it was to make aware of the catastrophe, damage and affect that the tsunami and earthquake had on the nations that it hit. Also some of the information in the articles was to make aware of the efforts other nations were doing to help those affected. Other articles explained the origin of such catastrophes. For example, one article explains how many years of built up strain on 2 faults in the, what is known as the Sumatra Subduction Zone, suddenly slipped past each other creating an earthquake. From which the Tsunamis that hit the many nations across the Indian Ocean were originated.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  My reaction to the articles and its findings were first how some authors think as to what they want to communicate. While the majority of authors focused on the damage the tsunami and earthquake caused and the death tolls there were some that focused on the origin of such events and predictions of when another one can happen and where. Others focused on actual interviewing of people affected and storytelling like writing of the events that the person saw and thought of at the time it happened. The articles really have not changed my views in anyway of the topic. I was very aware of the damages an earthquake can cause and how a tremor in the ocean can develop a tsunami. I was aware that one in our coast can happen from reading many books of history of tsunami’s and earthquakes. Actually before I graduated high school I wanted to study seismology and be a seismologist.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I really can’t compare any experience iv had with the one in Asia. I did however experience an earthquake back in 1989. The Loma Prieta earthquake of 6.9 magnitude, that hit the bay area affected many lives including mine. I lived smack in the middle of the bay area at that time. My mom and dad both worked in Oakland and had to cross the two story Cypress freeway that collapsed. That day my mom was scheduled to work and did not go because she decided she had too many things to take care of. Usually around the time the quake took place she would be crossing that exact freeway that collapsed. Just to know or think that my mom could have been one of the victims trapped under

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Economics Commentary Essay

The collusive1 market structure that the Japanese traditional industry has traced over previous years has increasingly become to fail. The tendency of companies abandoning cross-shareholdings2 has generated a in deep economic loss resulting from a reduce in the total revenue of corporations in the country. The attempt of industries such as steel, paper and energy as well as car making companies and electronic firms3 to consolidate economic partnership through means of oligopoly, has decreased deliberately from 50% of the market values to 20% over the last 17 years. The benefits of share holding companies were determined in preceding times to maximize profits by jointly agreeing in a fixed price which will avoid â€Å"price wars† and therefore substantial revenues4. Also assuming the interdependent behaviors, cross-shareholding companies act together to establish high barriers of entry to the industry in order to preserve ascendancy and evade competitiveness to have a high indices of demand. As the extract mentions, there is a bought share between companies to prevent the overhaul of others and to regulate the number of firms within the market as it happened with Mitsubishi when 11 other companies had an acquisition of shares to â€Å"block the outsider†. As these companies were subdued to price controls of the industry, the demand curve will therefore be highly inelastic responding to the few amount of substitutes5 that the industry seeks to have in flow. However the concerns about the crumbling of the traditional tendency of cross-shareholding are given with the results in the change of behavior of the industry. Along with the abandonment of share holding companies, the industry becomes vulnerable to external entry and in the case of Japan foreign investments which increases competition. As there is increase in supply of same products, demand for products of individual firms will fall and the demand curve will shift to the left. Demand shifts to the left from D1 to D2 due to the increase in supply with the entry of new firms and the removal of a unique price of product in the whole industry. As the result in the shifting of the demand curve of any Japanese product prices of evidently reduce as shown in the previous figure. From P1, being the demand of a cross-holding alliance of the market, and P2 the consequent reduction of this model. Quantity produced also lessens from Q1 to Q2 as costs of production are directly proportional to the loss of profit6 with the diminishing prices. Due to price decline, total revenue also decreases as both quantity and price of products decrease considerately. The impacts of this phenomenon on Japanese economy is illustrated with losses of the questioned firms. Between March and September more than 160 shareholding companies lost a total of à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½300 billion in value. 610 Banks and monetary institutions have also been affected as these companies are part of the essential capital they lend against. Despite the increase in cross-shareholding companies since 2004, the evident economic impact of the â€Å"criss-crossed capitalism† are starting to arise. The Japanese government in response has been working on regulatory measures to prevent this phenomenon future repercussions. Works Cited – * Economic Basis: Demand and Supply. In the internet:, s.t. * Economic Basis: Monopolies, Oligopolies and Perfect Competition, s.t. In the internet:, s.t. * Introduction to economics * WHITTEN, Darrel. Japan: Japan’s System Of Interlocking Shareholdings. In the internet:, 2004. 1 A commonly accepted price determination of oligopolists to prevent competition of prices over similar products. 2 When to or more firms3 hold each other shares. 3 Institutions that employ production factors to produce and hence sell goods and services. 4 The resultant economic gains of multiplying the price of a good times the quantity of that good sold (TR=pxq). 5 Similar products with certain differentiations that determine price elasticity of demand. 6 Net income in gains of a businesses activity.

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My research paper is entitled, Analyzing Heart of Darkness...

My research paper is entitled, Analyzing Heart of Darkness through a Feminist Lens. Through this paper, I will investigate and examine Heart of Darkness by means of Feminist Criticism and literary theory. I aspire to thoroughly analyze the entire narrative, in order to pull out and pinpoint various aspects and examples linked to feminist theory. I want to investigate and spotlight specific occurrences, in the novel, where characteristics of Feminist Criticism can be found or applied. I specifically want to look at the tree women characters introduced in the text; â€Å"The Intended† â€Å"The Mistress† and Marlow’s aunt. I also want to prove that Heart of Darkness is a text that openly conflicts with the basis of feminism. To begin this paper, I†¦show more content†¦In Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness, Marlow’s mindset towards women represents the rather widespread viewpoint of the 19th century. Men during this time viewed women as insignificant and inferior. Perhaps that is why there are only three female characters in Heart of Darkness: Kurtz’s mistress, Kurtz’s Intended, and Marlow’s aunt. Marlow references these women with the intention of giving the narrative more gist. Though they certainly perform particular functions in the story, these women don’t really correlate with the main premise of the tale. The main theme of the story centers on how Marlow’s voyage into the Congo leads him to self-discovery. The journey helps to mold and shape his beliefs in humanity and causes him to question morality. At the outset of Marlow’s narrative he expresses how he, Charlie Marlow, set the women to work to get a job. Marlow communicates this in the perspective that he was so determined to adventure into the trade commerce that he did what was unconceivable in the time period: he asked a woman for money. The lady, his aunt, seems to surpass the customary role of women during the time period. She tells Marlow that she is overjoyed to aid him in his endeavors. She even instructs him to ask her for help whenever he desires it. This occurrence does not play too much of a role in the overall premise of the tale; it merely functions to tell the reader how Marlow succeeds in getting the finances he needs toShow MoreRelatedOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pages E SSAYS ON TWENTIETH-C ENTURY H ISTORY In the series Critical Perspectives on the Past, edited by Susan Porter Benson, Stephen Brier, and Roy Rosenzweig Also in this series: Paula Hamilton and Linda Shopes, eds., Oral History and Public Memories Tiffany Ruby Patterson, Zora Neale Hurston and a History of Southern Life Lisa M. Fine, The Story of Reo Joe: Work, Kin, and Community in Autotown, U.S.A. Van Gosse and Richard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture