Monday, February 24, 2020

Identify Teams Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Identify Teams - Essay Example The organization of the teams and other defining aspects will be tackled in this paper. This team is based in Indianapolis in the Indiana state. The team focuses on ensuring that people in its community have access to outstanding paint products and services. Unlike other teams in this field, these painters intend to provide services that are outstanding and diverse. This team is comprised of 26 individuals with the president being the team leader. Members of the team are experts in painting, construction and are sourced from the society. The 26 members have related as well as diverse competencies in terms of career. The executive of the team is responsible for primary decision making with decisions being passed down to other members (Robinson & Green, 2011). This is an established leadership team with an affiliation of Denver painting Company. The team is responsible for ensuring that clients in its community which is Colorado have the access to commercial, residential and industrial painting staining services. The team works closely with a real estate agents, homeowners, property and facility managers, architects and general contractors. The goals of the team surround the provision of remarkable printing services, especially those designed by Denver painter. The leadership team consists of three individuals with Scott Bergman being the founder and the team leader of the group. The other member are, a senior estimator and project manager named John Ramirez and Ryan Wunderlich in the same profession of John (Robinson & Green, 2011). The three individuals forming the members of the organization were sourced from the society. Painting contractor USA comprises of several teams whose purpose is to ensure that ranges and firms within the entire nation have access to agricultural painting. One of the painting teams of this organization proves to be an outstanding contributor in the community through agricultural painting. The team consists of about

Friday, February 7, 2020

Commercial Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Commercial Law - Essay Example Consequently, it is not impossible, theoretically, for a bank to have a charge over the cash deposited by one of its customers and which functions as the security with regard to a loan provided to the customer. This effectively discounted the Court of Appeal’s conceptual impossibility contention that had been supported by it (McCormack, 2002, p. 7). Such reciprocity in indebtedness is common to several commercial transactions and this decision by the House of Lords has provided immense relief to the commercial community. This is due to its capacity to do away with ambiguity and promoting transactions that are of immense benefit. The fact that there are legally valid and effective alternate transactions does not reduce the importance of the aforementioned category of transactions (Re Bank of Credit and Commerce International S.A. (No. 8), 1998). These alternatives cover the contractual rights of set off and rendering the deposit a flawed asset, which the third party in the position of the depositor or depositor cannot withdraw. The court ruled with great insight that the device of a charge back ensured powerful protection to a bank. This was by means of the flawed asset techniques and the contractual set off, and not due to the charge over the asset (Re Bank of Credit and Commerce International S.A.... 187). Commercial transactions are always exposed to the risk of insolvency or default. This is mitigated by employing credit derivatives, which create exposure to or hedge the credit risk inherent in debt instruments, like bonds and loans. There is nothing novel about this function, which had been undertaken by debt syndication, cash securitisations, and loan participations. These initiatives had been utilised to control the credit risk of debt instruments. Such credit risk had been managed by the practice of sell – down of the investor of lender’s risk in the debt instrument (Ali, 2004, p. 326). All the same there is a crucial difference between the previous credit risk management strategies and credit derivatives. The latter separate the credit risk of a debt instrument from itself and this risk is transferred to a third party. In addition, the debt instrument is retained or disposed of to another party. This renders credit derivatives, tools of credit risk management that have much greater precision. Lenders and investors are protected against credit risk, due to credit derivatives; and the economic benefit of the debt instrument is not transferred (Ali, 2004, p. 326). Moreover, insurance and reinsurance companies, banks, bond insurers and hedge funds are the chief sellers of credit protection. Credit risk protection is provided by these financial institutions, first, by the sale of protection under credit default swaps to investors or lenders. Second, by the making investment of funds in securities issued under a programme of synthetic securitisation (Ali, 2004, p. 326). Companies of Scotland were not permitted to create a floating charge with regard to the whole or part of their undertakings and